10 Apr 2014

Baker Ross Funs :)

Hello all!
If you are a parent of a child in preschool or primary school - you will be familiar with BAKER ROSS  or Yellow Moon = the cute craft supplies magazine that comes home in school bags. - Well - I am doing some project work for the company - something I am really happy about as the products are amazing.
I already used to purchase lots from them when they contacted me, so I jumped at the chance to work with them. One of the products they sent me, was this SUPER CLAY. This clay is awesome. It feels lighter than you could ever imagine and when you roll it into a ball it actually bounces *much to Finlay's delight!!*
Initially I didn't know what I was going to do with the clay - so I decided to take my lead from Finlay, who opened every packet in joy and started playing and molding it, and after time,  I noticed that the therapeutic act of just squishing clay was fun in it's own right :)

But you know me... and I needed to create something that is cute.
One of the cool things about this clay - is that it air dries. So the little guys I am about to show you are still made and hardened, I may even coat them with varnish for a shiny sheen.
1: Family of  Easter bunnies
2: Love Bear
3: Easter Chicken
And of course, what Easter scene would be complete without a raspberry blowing dinosaur?
Talking of Easter - have you put an Easter tree up yet?
I love Easter trees - so much cute pastel potential. So when I opened these gorgeous buttons - I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them:

Mini button tree decorations. Threaded on wire to form the shape of Easter eggs.
And - before leave - I have to show you these guys......
Ceramic owls - tea light holders. I love them!
The are coloured using these ceramic paint pens
I cannot praise these highly enough =  like seriously, go buy these now NOW! Thick rich painty colour that only needs one coat to get a beautiful coat of colour. Gorgeous!


ike said...

What a marvelous selection of crafty makes. That clay looks super awesome !! Great family Bunnies :-)
The Owls are just stunning. Amazing work !

IKE in Greece xx

Art shed said...

Very nice! I love your neat and clean craft work. Family bunnies and Easter egg of buttons are very cute.http://www.artshedonline.com.au/painting-accessories/

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