6 Mar 2014

World Book Day - Fantastic Mr Fox

Oh my!! One of my favourite days of the year is WORLD BOOK DAY! A day that celebrates reading , illustration and imagination. It is also a day when I get to turn Finlay into something magical.
Fancy dress is awesome.
I mean I literally love it.
This year - he went as the Fantastic Mr Fox.
I made his mask and paws from felt.
The shirt/and waistcoat were recycled from his BFG costume of last year.
I face painted him a fox beard to go under his mask.
I know I am biased, being his mum and all... but what a handsome fox!
 Here he is apparently *thinking* about how he will escape the farmers....


Julie Kirk said...

Just genius! Love it - that beard is freakishly good!

Also loving his 'motivation'. You can really tell he's in character. x

Jo said...

He is the most stunning fox I have ever seen and the 'thinking' photo is my favourite :)

The Beach Hut Cook said...

What a handsome beast he is. Top costume, are there no ends to your talents? Mwah x

Bubbles said...

Fantastic costume, great mask and what a beard!!! You have a very sweet photogenic little chap there! Hope he had a fab day!

Alisonscraftybitzandbobs.blogspot.com said...

how cute is Mr Foxy wonderful way to celebrate world book day . love Alisonxxx

Joy Martin said...

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