27 Oct 2013

The one where the clocks went back.

This morning - the clocks went back. 
I think the clock changing days are when you really realise you are a parent.... (sweeping statement?)
10 years ago, the clocks going back would have been considered a huge win.
Extra hour in bed! - the joy of waking up, manually resetting your LED bedside clock and settling back down in the smug warmth of your bed.
Now, as a parent  you do the whole "set the clocks back before you go to bed" so when you get woken up at 4:30 by your child making sure you are alive by opening your eyelids for you, your denial of the 'actual' time is easier to manifest.
The bitter sweet combination of bed snuggles mixed with an ungodly hour is always hard to bear - and eventually I persuaded him back to his duvet - only to be woken half an hour later by very loud sobbing coming from his bedroom. I did the only natural thing a mother would do at 5am and woke my husband up.
(if I need to be awake at silly am then he does too!)
I will be the first to admit, that my recent scrapbooking has been non-existent - but - what happened next will change that for me.
Back to the sobbing..... Apparently when my husband went into our son's room, he found Finlay surrounded by my scrapbooks, which, he had mountaineered a shelving unit to get to * 0_o *  and because he can now read very well, he was able to read all the journalling for the first time, and he was so overwhelmed by the way I had written about our love for him, that it made him cry!!!!!!
It really make me stop and think about what I have been missing, and how I have fallen behind on project life. 
My main aim now before new year - is to finish project life 2013.
I really really must.
I owe it to Finlay :)


Alisonscraftybitzandbobs.blogspot.com said...

Aw ww bless so glad my kids are grown up and the only reason I have for getting up at some ungodly hour is the age old symptom weak bladder lol. Love Alison xx

Jo said...

Oh bless his heart, definitely a reason to start scrapping again :)

Balram Choudhary said...

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