22 Jul 2013

Summer Bucket List Freebie

Summer starts!
School is out for most - and to avoid the summer boredom or that ever fateful question "What do you want to do today"  I have come up with a summer bucket list for my family - and thought perhaps you might like the download to make your own :-)
Right click the image below, save & print.
Fill out with fun ideas and try and complete by the summers end!


Crystalnva said...


6ichthusfish said...

Such a fun idea. My dc are all older now, the youngest turns 16 but that would have been something we'd have loved to do. You guys are so lucky living by the sea... Here in the Midlands it's a long traipse to the coast. Enjoy the time with your little chap while he's at such a fun age.
Mandy McK

6ichthusfish said...

How you getting on with the bucket list?