15 Jun 2013

What makes your inner inspiration child dance?

Sometimes, and by that, I mean at least twice a day, I log onto my Pinterest account and go giddy at all the eye candy. I love that so many creative people have made this site so successful. I love more, however, the sheer volume of images, and that no matter what you type in to the search bar *within reason* you get back a smorgasbord of delight!
So what is inspiring YOU right now!?
For me, I am totally embracing the nautical vibe.
I live by the sea, as you all know, so the nautical influence is a part of daily life.
I have fallen in love for a bird than many love to hate,
the humble sandwich stealing seagull.
*I know someone who bought a pasty in a bakers, came outside, opened the bag to eat the pasty inside, and a seagull flew down and took it out his hands!*
I seriously love them though. Black tipped wings, shrieking at 5am, pasty thieving swines that they are!
Sources of images here

Another HUGE passion of mine, is anchors. If I were to try and explain to you now why I loved them - I would go on for days - I will simply say the following:
Grounding and strong, they represent strength, determination and safety.
"Refuse to sink" is my motto.
sources of images here

Seriously - I love that dress - and one day I will own a sailor dress like it and dance along the prom at sunset eating a pasty and being chased by a flock of seagulls.

In some serious contrast - I am also freaking out over the simplicity of Scandinavian designs:
sources of images here

Till that day - I will try and surround myself in small objects that make me smile and love my home.
Such as....
My son - making mood boards from interior design magazines - what a keeper!
(oh my... pattern clash behind him on the sofa! We are quilt and blanket hoarders!!)
What is on my dresser right now:
A new birthday purchase of a blue mason jar
 Some ~Isak Scandinavian jars
 Other things include:
Wooden light house and seagull, vintage glass jars & bottles, tin glazed jug, robot, wild flowers and a photo of my mum taken in the 60's looking seriously beautiful.

 OOOOO and now this!
A cute Digital DAB radio that has a retro feel to it, with it's rounded cornered walnut shell.
 Ooooh - look! We screen printed our first tea towel!!!
I feel so happy right now


Karen said...

I just wanted to say thank you - after an absolutely c**p week with the women at work - your motto - 'Refuse to Sink' has now become mine X

6ichthusfish said...

Love the tea towel.... Cool packaging too ;)

Vicki Hodge said...

Hello - I just discovered your fab blog! I agree with you about scandinavian design - beautifully simple.

I've just started a blog on my website www.origamigirl.co.uk and will look at yours as a great role model!

Thank you!