10 Jun 2013

So remember .....

That I posted new and exciting things were afoot?
I am really excited to let you in on my secret - that I have rekindled my love of screen printing - and I will be releasing a line of screen printed designs!
 (the one shown is specific to my town - but there will be many others)

 I am hugely back in love with the process of creating prints from screens. I love the smell, sound and even the stained fingers from the ink. = this epic little studio in Hastings - East Sussex is the most perfect place to spend the day - the people are awesome and the exposure machine and printing beds are perfect for producing prints and I am, as I said, back in love!

I spent the day on Sunday re-learning the technical side, and had a fabulous opportunity to work with Myles Calvert. - who creates quirky and fun prints, and who teaches at the studio.
I came away with a stack of work - including tea towels.
I don't think I could feel happier about this if I tried.
Printing by hand - awesome!

Just leave a comment on the post advertising the giveaway and if you win - I will pass your details over to moo who will set you up with a code for your own cards.
Fun :-)

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Chipper Newman said...

I soooo envy you. I love screen printing too, the smells and stains ... your post as brought it all back! When I was 15 I need to raise money for a trip, my Aunt helped me created a range of screen printed greeting cards that I printed, packaged and sold. I had almost forgotten all about it. Thanks for the memories.