6 Jun 2013

Moo.com giveaway

Well hey there! How are you all doing now the sun has come out to play?
I am personally relieved to see the light - it has felt a long time coming. 
I live in a terrace house - and on miserable days it can feel very dark in here. 
On a lighter note - I have a cool awesome fabulous giveaway for you!
The epic people at Moo.com got in contact and allowed me to order some postcards, business cards and stickers to see the quality for my own eyes. - I always knew how much I loved their mini moo cards - but was always curious to see how their postcards and stickers would turn out.
I have in the past tried other printers, but when these arrived - I was really really surprised at the thickness, sheen and feel of the postcards. The stickers are clear and wonderfully shiny.
I was already a fan, but now I am a dedicated fan.
AND - Moo would like to offer YOU the chance to see for yourself how fab their business cards are.
I am allowed to give away THREE packs of 50 business cards.
Three winners will get the chance to upload their own designs - or browse the pre-made designs  - You could create cards that advertise your blog, or you could upload a digital design and have a set of bespoke journal cards, or just go traditional and get your business advertised :)
To win a pack of cards - just leave a comment here with details of how to contact you should you win.
Wanna see what I had made?

Oh my - I love them.
That is all.


Perdita said...

I love love love the mini-cards - and use them all the time! Would love to see what the other products are like - equally as fab I imagine!

LJT said...

I love Moo too! The quality is fab! I love what you've done with yours :)x


Cerise Wade said...

Oh my goodness! I love all your goodies. Those stickers are fantastic. I could totally use some new cards.

6ichthusfish said...

Pretty and cool cards. Lush.
I'd love to win, thanks for the 'tunity.
Mandy (Moogieof4)

JayC said...

What a great giveaway..: jackie.cunningham@virgin.net

Lesley said...

I would love to win - comment left and keeping my fingers crossed

Lesley said...

I would love to win so leaving a comment and keeping my fingers crossed.

Susan said...

I've been meaning to order from Moo for a long time now but never seem to get around to it! Thanks for reminding me, the cards look great :)

Anna said...

Need to order some so it would be great to win!

katharine said...

Wow what a fab give away have loved moo from afar for some time x thanks for chance x

CherryBlossom said...

Love all of the products you ordered! Would love some of my own!!

Maria Thomas said...

Oh my, I love those cards and the possibilities are endless.

Thanks for the opportunity and the screen printing looks fun.

JulieJ said...

I'd totally forgotten about Moo cards. Thanks for a chance to win some.

Sally said...

Am just setting up a new business and need some cards, these would be fabulous!! Thanks for the chance to win SJ xx

scrappyjacky said...

They look wonderful...would love to have some.

Annie said...

I've had some mini mood cards done a while ago and they were great, but then I lost them! Ooppps! I'd love a chance to win! And congrats on the screenprinting, very excitiing!

Annie B

Leanne Edwards said...

I would love to win and you have my contact details I'm sure!