10 May 2013

SPRING IS HERE! and its time to say hello to green and pink things!

Last weekend, I decided enough was enough with a horrid old sandpit of doom that lay resident in our back garden. It was a place of spiders, cat poops, green stuff and a whole colony of mini beasts that nore I or Finlay cared  to befriend.  (see left photo below)
After some much needed attention with top soil, compost and herb & lettuce plants I had me a herb garden!
I painted some rocks bright vivid colours, painted the herb names on and covered in a layer of modgepodge to weather proof them.  I love how it turned out - AND so far, the local cats haven't used it as a poopbox!

Ben also planted up some potato and vegetable growing bags.
I can't wait for the mini heart shaped tomatoes to grow! <3
And in other spring-like-news our cherry tree has bloomed!
It is by far the most beautiful thing in our garden (that and the peony bush) I love its pale pale pink blossoms that are almost translucent in the light. Against the blue summer clouded sky they look almost angelic!

Spring always makes me feel so refreshed. 
I love Autumn and spring. The most transitional seasons always seem to inspire me.


ike said...

What a fabulous herb garden and I like the idea of the painted pebbles. Fabulous !! :-D xxx

Jennifer Swandells said...

I absolutely love your cherry tree, it is so beautiful. You have given me a lovely idea for creating a little herb garden in a little space that I have in my decking. I think a little herb garden would do the trick. I might also take your idea of painting some stones, I do hope that you don't mind. Jen :-) xx
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The Beach Hut Cook said...

Great Idea!