22 Feb 2013

Newsy news news.

I am excited to be able to announce that if you are in East Sussex, you can now pop down to Bexhill and see Little Musings Prints
in Starlings Gifts, Art & Craft Collective.
I am a bit proud to say the least.
I feel like I am making steps towards progress.
I adore how they all look together on the shelves.
I almost wish I could have them all up in my own house :)

Some of the most recent additions to my existing print line:

So if you are in the area (or indeed just fancy a trip to the sweet town of Bexhill) please pop by and say hello! I would love to be able to show you around the shop at all the cute and gorgeous gifts inside.


The Beach Hut Cook said...

I will certainly pop in. I'm looking forward to seeing the shop. Good for Bexhill x

Debbie said...

Congratulations - so pleased for you.They all look fab.Hugs Debbie x

Poppet said...

The display looks great SJ. Congrats. :-) xx

AuroraDawn said...

I'll be sure sure to pop in, tomorrow to soon?

6ichthusfish said...

That's so brilliant! Go you :)
Mandy McK

Rebecca said...

Hello, are your prints available in postcard form? I am in a postcard swap/circle on Instagram and your prints would look lovely. (My use name is @manicsundays on IG) x

Jess said...

Oh wow these are so cute!

I've just stumbled across your blog and i ADORE your prints!

Just off to browse your shop :)