27 Jan 2016

Baker Ross Crafty funs

Doing design work for Baker Ross is fun for a million reasons, not just getting a fun box of craft things to work with, but also that my son Finlay LOVES seeing what they send, and joining in with me whilst I make things - as there is normally stuff left over that he can use too - he is mega keen to experiment. Whilst he may not have the creative gene, he loves to try - and that is beautiful to me.

I had a recent box of loveliness, including some pretty valentines themed bits : Polystyrene hearts which I thought I would paint rather than decoupage *As I honestly don't think I am very good at that!* Pink one "I will try to fix you" written in sharpie. (Coldplay lyrics)

A blue one, with clouds - I love the look of blue skies with white clouds.
This one, is my fav. I painted it red and cut out some wings from thin card and used a craft knife to create two cuts into the side and pushed the wings in. You could add a thin bit of glue to secure them.
This one I am not sure about - I don't know if it works - what do you think?
Painted wood grain and "engraved" letters

There were some fab wooden arrows - which I initially wanted to write something romantic on - but when I came to it, I wanted to do something with a little more longevity.

The garden one is going on a sticky hook on the front door in the summer. 
The "take me to the beach" one is just a daily wish on my part lol!

I was given some of the Baker Ross nature bits  - including some twigs - which I knew straight away I wanted to turn into arrows - I cut the ends from felt and added baker twine for accents.

I have since tied some little kraft colour tags to them for people to write valentines messages on. I think they are a cute alternative to a card.

I was also sent a pack of wooden letters - which I just LOVE. I used water colour paints to draw on a few, 
P = peacoc
 F =fish
S =snail

You could do the same and hang them on your child's door.
Or, create a full sentence for your wall - as there are two of each letter included in the pack.

Last of all I was sent some leather pieces. It took me a while to work out what I wanted to do with them, as they are very small off cuts  - and initially I was a bit stumped, till I sat down with them in front of me and just started cutting for fun to see what happened. I thought I would make a pair of angel wings  - but only had a brown large piece, so turned it into a bird instead. Each 'feather' is a single cut shape and glued using leather glue one by one to create layered wings.

I also made a necklace - by cutting a half moon shape, layering some circles and gems and adding chain to each corner.

I hope you like some of my projects - back soon with some illustrative work.

18 Jan 2016


Well hello strangers!

I am going to be posting a little more around here these days - It is part of my NEW YEARS REVOLUTION (not resolution) to change the way I interact with the world.
I took a HUGE break from blogging - as you know - but now I feel it is time to "get back on the blog horse" 
A LOT has changed in my life - but one thing remains constant - my love for crafting. I want to try new crafts this year - I also want to document Penny's first year *which will involve going back the last 12 months and collating photos etc*
I hope you will still find my blog worthy of reading - I will be posting digital freebies, what inspires me, work in progress, and life in general.
In the meantime - look how big my babies have gotten!!!
Love you!

7 Oct 2015

Does anyone still read this?

Does anyone actually still come here anymore?
I don't blame you if you don't - but - just in case,
I have started a new blog - which you can find on my main website now at:
Please feel free to join me there!


10 Apr 2014

Baker Ross Funs :)

Hello all!
If you are a parent of a child in preschool or primary school - you will be familiar with BAKER ROSS  or Yellow Moon = the cute craft supplies magazine that comes home in school bags. - Well - I am doing some project work for the company - something I am really happy about as the products are amazing.
I already used to purchase lots from them when they contacted me, so I jumped at the chance to work with them. One of the products they sent me, was this SUPER CLAY. This clay is awesome. It feels lighter than you could ever imagine and when you roll it into a ball it actually bounces *much to Finlay's delight!!*
Initially I didn't know what I was going to do with the clay - so I decided to take my lead from Finlay, who opened every packet in joy and started playing and molding it, and after time,  I noticed that the therapeutic act of just squishing clay was fun in it's own right :)

But you know me... and I needed to create something that is cute.
One of the cool things about this clay - is that it air dries. So the little guys I am about to show you are still made and hardened, I may even coat them with varnish for a shiny sheen.
1: Family of  Easter bunnies
2: Love Bear
3: Easter Chicken
And of course, what Easter scene would be complete without a raspberry blowing dinosaur?
Talking of Easter - have you put an Easter tree up yet?
I love Easter trees - so much cute pastel potential. So when I opened these gorgeous buttons - I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them:

Mini button tree decorations. Threaded on wire to form the shape of Easter eggs.
And - before leave - I have to show you these guys......
Ceramic owls - tea light holders. I love them!
The are coloured using these ceramic paint pens
I cannot praise these highly enough =  like seriously, go buy these now NOW! Thick rich painty colour that only needs one coat to get a beautiful coat of colour. Gorgeous!

6 Mar 2014

World Book Day - Fantastic Mr Fox

Oh my!! One of my favourite days of the year is WORLD BOOK DAY! A day that celebrates reading , illustration and imagination. It is also a day when I get to turn Finlay into something magical.
Fancy dress is awesome.
I mean I literally love it.
This year - he went as the Fantastic Mr Fox.
I made his mask and paws from felt.
The shirt/and waistcoat were recycled from his BFG costume of last year.
I face painted him a fox beard to go under his mask.
I know I am biased, being his mum and all... but what a handsome fox!
 Here he is apparently *thinking* about how he will escape the farmers....

5 Mar 2014

Busy Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

So - along side doing project life digitally *have I mentioned this yet?* I am also constantly designing and making things for the shop I currently sell in (Starlings in Bexhill) I have been busy falling back in love with shrink plastic, making tattoo inspired brooches - doodling seagulls and flowers on ceramics, painting pebbles into little scenes, making cards, painting prints, drawing cats and making finger print trees.
I have drawn Steve the Seagull so many times now, that I firmly believe he is actually real.....
I love wandering the beach looking for pebbles that lend themselves to a more exciting painted life, and sitting in a frame, puzzled together to form something new.
I wanted to show you some photo montages of my projects over the last month or so, so you can get a glimpse to what covers my kitchen table day by day.

25 Feb 2014

* taps mic* "hello hello is this thing on?"

Is it still a blog if the last entry was 27th October LAST YEAR?
I feel I better post a freebie digital stamp or two to make up for it!

 Right click - save and enjoy! *personal use only*

27 Oct 2013

The one where the clocks went back.

This morning - the clocks went back. 
I think the clock changing days are when you really realise you are a parent.... (sweeping statement?)
10 years ago, the clocks going back would have been considered a huge win.
Extra hour in bed! - the joy of waking up, manually resetting your LED bedside clock and settling back down in the smug warmth of your bed.
Now, as a parent  you do the whole "set the clocks back before you go to bed" so when you get woken up at 4:30 by your child making sure you are alive by opening your eyelids for you, your denial of the 'actual' time is easier to manifest.
The bitter sweet combination of bed snuggles mixed with an ungodly hour is always hard to bear - and eventually I persuaded him back to his duvet - only to be woken half an hour later by very loud sobbing coming from his bedroom. I did the only natural thing a mother would do at 5am and woke my husband up.
(if I need to be awake at silly am then he does too!)
I will be the first to admit, that my recent scrapbooking has been non-existent - but - what happened next will change that for me.
Back to the sobbing..... Apparently when my husband went into our son's room, he found Finlay surrounded by my scrapbooks, which, he had mountaineered a shelving unit to get to * 0_o *  and because he can now read very well, he was able to read all the journalling for the first time, and he was so overwhelmed by the way I had written about our love for him, that it made him cry!!!!!!
It really make me stop and think about what I have been missing, and how I have fallen behind on project life. 
My main aim now before new year - is to finish project life 2013.
I really really must.
I owe it to Finlay :)

17 Sep 2013

LSNED via instagram

Are you doing Shimelle's Learn Something New Everyday? 
It is my favourite class of Shimelle's classes. I am currently struggling to find time to scrapbook at the moment, so instead of missing out the class - which would be horrid, I have taken part doing it via Instagram. If you are not sure what LSNED is, you can read more here, but in essence she encourages us every day in Septembe,r to process our day and work out what we have learned.
There are daily prompts and if you paper scrap you will end up with an album full of little life lessons.
I adore this class as I have said.
My intentions are to print my insta's and bind them in a mini book to sit on the shelf with my other albums.
Here are some of my insta's to date:

I am editing my photos using the following Apps:
VINTIQUE cute photo filters
OVER TEXT APP - This is one of my fav apps ever
RHONNA DESIGNS gorgeous elements in here!

11 Sep 2013

What is white and abominable?

A yeti! Of course.  Coincidentally.... here is one! Or two. Free for you to use on your cards or colouring in funs. Just right click and save - and the rest is up to you :)

10 Sep 2013

Yeti - Freebie Digital Stamp.

Yeti's are for life not just for Christmas. Apparently. 
So, here is one for you to use on any festive or non festive projects.
I'm not mentioning how many days till Christmas. There is no way I could know that there is only 105 days.
Just sayin. ;-)

22 Jul 2013

Summer Bucket List Freebie

Summer starts!
School is out for most - and to avoid the summer boredom or that ever fateful question "What do you want to do today"  I have come up with a summer bucket list for my family - and thought perhaps you might like the download to make your own :-)
Right click the image below, save & print.
Fill out with fun ideas and try and complete by the summers end!

15 Jun 2013

What makes your inner inspiration child dance?

Sometimes, and by that, I mean at least twice a day, I log onto my Pinterest account and go giddy at all the eye candy. I love that so many creative people have made this site so successful. I love more, however, the sheer volume of images, and that no matter what you type in to the search bar *within reason* you get back a smorgasbord of delight!
So what is inspiring YOU right now!?
For me, I am totally embracing the nautical vibe.
I live by the sea, as you all know, so the nautical influence is a part of daily life.
I have fallen in love for a bird than many love to hate,
the humble sandwich stealing seagull.
*I know someone who bought a pasty in a bakers, came outside, opened the bag to eat the pasty inside, and a seagull flew down and took it out his hands!*
I seriously love them though. Black tipped wings, shrieking at 5am, pasty thieving swines that they are!
Sources of images here

Another HUGE passion of mine, is anchors. If I were to try and explain to you now why I loved them - I would go on for days - I will simply say the following:
Grounding and strong, they represent strength, determination and safety.
"Refuse to sink" is my motto.
sources of images here

Seriously - I love that dress - and one day I will own a sailor dress like it and dance along the prom at sunset eating a pasty and being chased by a flock of seagulls.

In some serious contrast - I am also freaking out over the simplicity of Scandinavian designs:
sources of images here

Till that day - I will try and surround myself in small objects that make me smile and love my home.
Such as....
My son - making mood boards from interior design magazines - what a keeper!
(oh my... pattern clash behind him on the sofa! We are quilt and blanket hoarders!!)
What is on my dresser right now:
A new birthday purchase of a blue mason jar
 Some ~Isak Scandinavian jars
 Other things include:
Wooden light house and seagull, vintage glass jars & bottles, tin glazed jug, robot, wild flowers and a photo of my mum taken in the 60's looking seriously beautiful.

 OOOOO and now this!
A cute Digital DAB radio that has a retro feel to it, with it's rounded cornered walnut shell.
 Ooooh - look! We screen printed our first tea towel!!!
I feel so happy right now